Get Your Ex Back – How to Turn the Tide and Make Your Ex Want You Back!

Your baby’s gone, you’re all alone and it’s happening again, right? You’re wondering what happened? How did it go wrong? You were together and then suddenly you’re not! Are you feeling desperate and want to get your ex back? I’ll share some tips with you that will make your ex realize what a mistake he or she made.

Don’t believe me? Follow these steps and your ex will love the changes in you and want to come back. Rather than approach your ex to take you back, your ex will be the one desperate to get you back!

Stay Calm, Think Things Through, Set Boundaries and Rediscover YOU!

I know the anxiety you’re feeling. All you can think of is calling your ex. If only you can explain your side of things. Instead, reflect on what went wrong and what your part may have been. As much of a challenge as it might be, begging him or to take you back is not the message you want to send. You’re taking the first step toward creating a new you; one that you’ll respect more and one that your ex will want to know.

As difficult as it is to make the transition us to me, the sooner you start the better. Living in denial won’t help things. Rediscover yourself; reconnect with old friends that you likely ignored when you were part of “couple dome”. Take up a hobby, remember all those books you bought that you didn’t start reading? They’re calling you. And by all means, no matter how strong the urge is, don’t call or email your ex and don’t respond when your ex calls or emails you. Send the message that you are doing just fine without him or her and that you don’t NEED him or her.

A funny thing will happen as you as you’re no longer available to your ex and aren’t desperate to get your ex back: your ex will begin to re-evaluate things, wonder why you’re not contacting him or her and why he or she is no longer the priority in your life.

They Always Call Back!

The more independent you become, the more you are having fun with your friends and on your own, this may sound strange, but the more attractive you’ll become. Others will begin to notice you more and when you run into your ex, he or she WILL notice the changes in you. And then don’t be surprised to hear that phone ring or get that “how ya doin’?” email.

Source by Ilona Benes

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